Building Change: Global Goals at Home and Abroad

Building Change: Global Goals at Home and Abroad

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We proudly present our new initiative 'Building Change: Global Goals at Home and Abroad'. Building Change is a project of Partos, Foundation Max van der Stoel and Woord en Daad. Our aim is to create strong coalitions of the needed in some key areas, like financing for sustainable development, trade, climate and energy, to work towards realisation of the SDGs.

'Building Change' succeeds the 'Ready for Change?' project that we steered in 2016 during the Dutch EU Presidency.

With 'Ready for Change?' we succeeded in mobilising a large group of civil society organisations, think tanks and social entrepreneurs to develop a joint position on what we expect from the Dutch government and the EU to make the SDGs a reality.

'Building Change' wants to make a step further. For sustainable change, we need 'coalitions of the needed'. In areas like finance and taxation, international trade and climate & energy there are diverging, and sometimes conflicting interests. Different stakes can lead to vested positions, and therefore hinder change. 'Building Change' wants to bring different stakeholders together, and create an atmosphere for finding common ground to make real changes possible.

'Building Change' will not only focus on the necessary policy changes, but also challenge other stakeholders to contribute to sustainable change in their own remit.

The project is managed by a core team of dedicated people with much experience in the area of SDGs and Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development.

Currently, we are raising funds for the project. Once the necessary funding has been secured, we will organise a kick-off event.