Windturbine test and measurement setup

Testing and implementing zero-carbon circular energy production

About the initiative


We want to compare real wind conditions with the performance of the wind turbine to determine the best shape of blade. We are going to measure wind speeds and wind direction and rotor speeds and installation orientation and compare those to learn.

To use wind energy in the built environment we use drag instead of lift to get the rotor spinning. The ideal shape of blades is yet to be determined. We are going to place this Proto/FuMO at Ecovillage Boekel to test in real conditions.

We are working on the measurement setup, how to read out wind speeds, how to calculate rotor spinning speed and how to determine the produced power.

Where to find useable (waste) materials to use in this Proto. Programming arduino's (still a lot to learn), using 3D printers to make pieces of product. Using a car wheel rim and axle for a pivoting point is a good idea and much more.