Use of SDG hashtags

The way hashtags in SDGs are used is not organised. By using easy guidlines we can filter and connect in a more efficient way

About the initiative

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Western Europe

Create an easy to remember and easy to use #hashtag structure through which SDG initiatives can get much more and targeted exposure through social media. This structure makes it easier to connect with purpose-driven innovators working on the SDG's in your country and in other countries you are interested in. Not only for specific information but more important: to make the connections!

Number of tweets #SDGs in a few hours

About 2000 users have used #SDGs more than 3.000 within 24 hours.



Accounts used #SDGs in 8 hours (1.300)

Hardly any interaction between most users.

Our proposal is to use #countrycodeSDGXX for the SDGs. You can find the international country codes (two characters) here.

Of course, you can also choose to use the country code and "SDGcode" separately in a message. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to see only the tweets from the Netherlands when clicking on the hashtag.

For the Netherlands this means that we will use the following codes:


SDG specific

If you are specifically involved with one or more SDGs, then use the hashtag in your bio too. Use in any case: #NLSDGs.