Appropriate education for children with a disability

We give children and young people with multiple disabilities the opportunity to follow education and vocational training

About the initiative


Appropriate education provides thematic education for children with learning difficulties. The program  is based on the capabilities of the pupils and takes into account their specific disabilities. In this way Niketan offers students the opportunity to develop optimally.

Niketan runs three special schools which provide appropriate education in the thana’s Ghior, Baniajuri and Badda. During the school year parents are supported and trained, so that also at home, the child can bring the lessons learned into practice.

Education is aimed at the emotional and intellectual development, developing creativity and social, cultural and physical skills development. The classes are practical and tailored to individual needs. Niketan makes use of various existing theories and methodologies. The thematic curriculum and relevant textbooks are developed with practical and educational support from consultants. We find it important that the lesson objectives fit in the environment of the children and the society in which they grow up