Future Technologies We Want

Implement a 3D approach to Responsible Innovation for Sustainability.

About the initiative


In my book "Future Technologies We Want", I have developed a 3-dimensional approach to do-it-yourself ethics of science and technology for sustainable development. This consists of a balanced combination of technological, legal and social solutions, implemented by new coalitions bringing together policy makers, researchers, entrepreneurs, civil society activists, makers and other citizens. I am looking for partners and resources to implement and test this approach in real life.

Initiatives and networks aiming for sustainable development exist already, but these are mostly limited to partners from one stakeholder community, e.g. policy makers, scientists, industry, civil society and the do-it-yourself community. Most initiatives for responsible innovation target either technical fixes (e.g. safety, privacy, security by design), legal fixes (e.g. new laws or codes of conduct) or social fixes (e.g. public or stakeholder dialogue). Each of these approaches has strengths and weaknesses, therefore a combination of all three is needed to achieve sustainable development. 

In EthicSchool, I offer training and workshops for all stakeholders to stimulate reflection on responsible and sustainable innovation, based on experience in earlier projects. This do-it-yourself ethics training could be embedded as a module in collaborative projects, or offered as stand-alone lectures or workshops.

While individuals and organisations in each stakeholder community are engaged in initiatives aiming for responsible innovation for sustainable development, getting people to move out of their own community and learn from other stakeholder communities remains a big challenge. In a wide range of international projects targeting responsible innovation, a toolbox has been developed for facilitating such multistakeholder and interdisciplinary collaboration. The main message is that participants should listen and be willing to learn from each other, and then invest time and effort in communicating their insights to their own community.