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The Matrix-Q Research Institute dedicates resources to continuous research on SDG, and in particular on how Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills can be applied for SDG achievement.

The results and status of the research projects, innovation, are shared through the Multidisciplinary Research Publication of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, The Matrix-Q Magazine. The magazine offers information on research projects, articles, case study, announcements and publications review with a humanist, nature inspired, holistic and sustainable development approach.



In order to access the publications, articles and references to digital books, please visit the Matrix-Q Research Magazine. For last updates and matrix of related topics just add "SDG" to the search engine.

Here a review of some topics already published. 

[ for the whole index of publications and online archive, please visit the e-library of the Matrix-Q Research Institute ]

[ for collaboration in SDG Research, please follow up, or join our online page at the scientific network research gate, on SDG ]

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