Seeking Beauty gift (e-)books

Value based gift books, created by answering an intriguing questionnaire, that wakes someone up to what beauty deep down means.

About the initiative

Western Europe

Seeking Beauty Gift book series

An online created, fully personalized, full color printed or e-book about personal and national perspectives on the wonderful, but also sometimes complicated phenomenon ‘beauty’: the Seeking Beauty series. Customers create their own book, by filling in a reflective questionnaire, that asks them how they experience beauty. Research proved: the process of contemplating on the answers often has an ‘eye-opening’ effect.

Our set of questions has so far been used in representative surveys in five countries: Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Austria.

The personalized books are available in five respective country versions, and also show the outcomes of these national surveys.

The books are fully multimedia and contain over 80 links to online textual (posters), visual (images) and audio (music videos) results of the respective national outcomes.

It's easy: these are the steps, including a code that you can use to try it out yourself for free:

  • Go to the UK section of the website, page ‘Your Own Book’,
    (for other countries, select your region by clicking your country flag and follow the same next steps)

  • Click on the large button ‘Keep your insight in a special book’.

  • Register with your email address and a new password
    (this is to save your answers, in case anything would go wrong during the completion of your answers);

  • Open the 'Activate your account' email in your email program;

  • Click on the link to go back directly to the Project Beauty website;

  • Click on 'Start the questionnaire' to go to the questions;

  • Complete the questionnaire;

  • At the end, click on the link to go back to the site;

  • Choose 'Seeking Beauty e-book' and your type of e-book (ePub or PDF)  

  • Click on Finalise, In the screen 'Finalise order', fill in your last details;

  • At the bottom in the section 'Discount code', use this code: sdg-charter-beauty-gift-h48

  • Click on 'Go to Checkout' and review your details;

  • Check the 'Agree Terms & Conditions' checkbox

  • Click on 'Place Order

  • You will then after sometime (appr. 1 day) receive an email with the link to download your own e-book copy of ‘Seeking beauty with ... .