Young Africa Namibia

YA Namibia began training in 2014, providing vocational training in solar technology.

About the initiative

Southern Africa

YA selected Walvis Bay to set up the first Young Africa Skills Centre. This coastal industrial harbour town attracts many job seekers from all over the country, most of them being unskilled youth, who end up in the townships, living in shacks. Young Africa originally planned to support the development of a new Vocational Training Centre in Walvis Bay. This was in response to a clearly identified need and gap: there is no current provider of vocational training services in Walvis Bay, yet the demand for skilled labour in this industrial town is high. However, it proved impossible to identify suitable, affordable premises or land, and so Young Africa looked for alternative ways to meet the needs of young people. Vocational training for young people is provided through two channels: firstly by partnering with existing industry to offer short vocational skills training courses and secondly by providing training in solar technology at YA’s own premises in Walvis Bay. The YA premises are also used for Life Skills and Entrepreneurship training.


YA Otjiwarongo is located at the former Clay House Project in Orwetoveni, a high density area in Otjiwarongo. The Clay House Project was built in the '90s but taken over by YA Namibia in January 2015. The centre is focusing on green building techniques, but also allows for other demand-driven courses like computer courses and clothing production. It also offers healthy entertainment to youngsters, through after-school music & arts lessons (Otjiwarongo Arts Club) and fun activities on Saturdays. The centre has great potential to grow by designing new courses, e.g. in Aquaponics and Liquid Soap Production, organising youth festivals and starting an internet cafe for the local community.