Young Africa Mozambique

YA Mozambique is the second affiliate of Young Africa and opened in 2007 in Beira and in 2014 in Dondo.

About the initiative

Southern Africa

YA Beira offers vocational skills training in the commercial and technical fields with integrated life skills and entrepreneurship development. Linkages to micro-credit facilities assist students and graduates to become self-employed entrepreneurs. Every year, 2000 students graduate from the centre. For the female students, there is an onsite campus girls’ hostel. YA Beira also organises sports and arts festivals and offers community services such as sports club, crèche and adult literacy classes.

YA Mozambique opened its second location in Dondo in 2014. YA Agri-Tech has 200 hectares of land for agricultural purposes. The centre offers agricultural courses to prepare youth for the job market, and focuses on teaching them skills on how to start their own businesses. There is a hostel on-site for students from rural areas and for students with disabilities. The trainings go hand in hand with the production of meat, milk and dry products, harvesting of different fruits and vegetables, and sheltering of different animals, like cows, goats and chickens. YA Agri-Tech also provides entrepreneurship opportunities and training for young farmers across the entire food value chain.