Adopt an SDG

Enthusiastic Dutch MPs have adopted their favorite SDGs. With support from civil society they will contribute to achieving those SDGs.

About the initiative

Campaign or pledge
Western Europe

'Adopt an SDG' is a six-month campaign initiated by Dutch civil society organisations, united in the Building Change initiative. The campaign invites Dutch Members of Parliament to adopt one or two of their favourite Sustainable Development Goals. The campaign was launched in Amsterdam on 25 September, and will end with a closing event in the Spring of 2018. The purpose of the campaign is to enhance political commitment in the Netherlands for making the SDGs a reality.

22 Members of Parliament, representing 7 political parties and 11 standing committees in the Dutch House of Representatives pledge to be active ambassadors of their respective SDGs. A large group of civil society organisations provides the MPs with concrete suggestions for political debates, signals key opportunities for action, and creates a continuous social media buzz to make the MPs' efforts visible.

Any Dutch organisation, platform or business enterprise that endorses the 2030 Agenda is invited to join the campaign and to help monitor the MPs.