Erasmus Sustainability Hub

Erasmus Sustainability Hub catalyses and connects all sustainability initiatives on Woudestein campus. Student-led but well-connected.

About the initiative

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The Hub is run by an enthusiastic team of Erasmus University students who are connected by our devotion to sustainability and making a meaningful difference in our university community. Our ideas and projects evolve from the local issues that we observe on campus, as well as the global issues that we are personally passionate about. But the inspirations for what we do are not limited to our own observations and passions - we invite any student or staff member who has an idea to connect with us, so we can realize the vision for a better future together.

Given our mulitple sources of inspiration, our projects and events are diverse and tackle various issues of social and evironmental sustainability. We also exercise the distinct interests and skill sets of each team member, who acts as team leader for a given endeavor and plays a supporting role in the others.

Collectively, our team brings initiatives to the Erasmus Unviersity community to showcase the many forms that sustainability thinking and behavior can take.