Nr.1 Thinking tool to Realise Benefits and Optimize Impact Pathways

About the initiative


Increase sustainability AND economic value. Balance People, Planet and Profitable impact of your change investments.

Develop new business models for the circular economy. Adapt what you currently have to respond to changing customer demands.

To ensure sufficient impact, benefit realization takes factors such as risk, costs, resources, and stakeholders into consideration. It does this through approaches such as mapping, defining benefit measures, and determining how plans contribute to the benefits. It also addresses performance monitoring and evaluation to stay on track through the delivery process.

Wovex is a  suite of tools enabling you to deliver certainty. It allows you to create a visual map with both financial AND non-financial information.  Wovex scenario calculates the most complex interactions and importantly providing the clarity of options for the most effective way forward.
With Wovex Realisor you will understand the things that contribute most, … and importantly those that make little contribution to the objectives.

Corporate scorecards are created and early warning alerts will ensure you stay on track.
Supported by Wovex you can make quantum leaps in understanding and deliver your strategy even when unexpected pressures try to knock you off course.
Wovex delivers certainty for organisations around the globe from large multi-national corporations through public sector to small businesses.
Wovex Realisor: Untangling complexity, providing clarity and delivering certainty…


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