Face the future

Groundbreaking program in which refugees and employees of Dutch organisations learn and work together.

About the initiative


We’re facing a big challenge in the Netherlands. The number of refugees trying to find a place to stay and make a living, creates many short term challenges and offers lots of opportunities in the long run. Big question here is how we can unleash and utilize the enormous amount of talents, knowledge and expertise newcomers bring. Not just to make newcomers emerge in our society but also enable them to add value.

Human connections open up your world and change your perspective. Refugees deserve to be percieved as humans, and crave for more and meaningful connections. They are looking for new beginnings. Many dutch people do want to reach out to newcomers but simply don’t know where to start and how to do it. Exploring communalities and differences is as important as it is refreshing. New people, different ideas and unusual challenges are waiting for you.

Talking about refugees does not solve the integration issue. Personal encounters, shared experiences and the opportunity to learn together do. With Better Future’s 15 years of experience in over 50 countries worldwide, we know better than anyone how to bridge different worlds and create mutual learning. Every Face the Future program connects 12 newcomers with 12 dutch corporate employees, and sends them out on a journey exploring each other’s assets and future ambitions.