Surviving the streets in India

Save the Children helps children in India to obtain an id-card so they can go to school, get free healthcare and open a bank account

About the initiative

Southern Asia

Every day, hundreds of thousands of children in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Mexico sleep on the streets. They face many dangers: they run the risk of falling victim to exploitation, trafficking, (sexual) abuse or being ignored altogether. Often, they have to beg or steal to survive. Many times they are out of school, don’t have access to health care or healthy food and suffer from a low self-esteem. Save the Children in India, in collaboration with local government departments, identifies children in these situations and helps them to obtain their own identity card as this is essential to access governmental social benefits. This card is a prerequisite for a fair chance in life. With this identity-card, children have the opportunity to go to school, get access to free healthcare and open their own bank account.