Euclid Network

Power to drive positive change

About us

Membership Organization

Our vision is to see civil society and social enterprise empowered to drive positive change


  • Working with members and partners across Europe and beyond, we:
  • Create connections between civil society and social enterprise leaders
  • Share and produce leadership, professional and entrepreneurial knowhow
  • Influence European policy and funding and strengthen members’ and network participants’ EU engagement
  • Raise the visibility and understanding of civil society and social enterprise in business, academia, government and the wider society
  • Together with members and partners, we value:
  • Openness to collaboration across borders, sectors and generations
  • Inspirational leadership and collective endeavour
  • Innovation and entrepreneurialism for social impact
  • Accountability to members, funders and citizens



We bring together civil society and social enterprise federations, universities and training institutes, social investors, frontline NGOs and social enterprises – all working to empower civil society and social enterprise to drive positive change.

Our member organisations federate 8500 civil society leaders and social entrepreneurs across Europe and collaborate in two member programmes on social enterprise and civil society leadership & skills as well as partnering in EU-funded projects.


We work with partners across Europe to deliver programmes on civil society leadership & skills; social entrepreneurship; social innovation and investment; and research & impact. We are funded 70% by EU programmes including an operating grant from Europe for Citizens and 30% by other sources: membership, national government, foundations and events. We are subject to an annual independent audit.


We are governed by an Annual General Meeting of the member organisations and a Board of Directors led by the President, appointed by the Board. Member organisations may elect up to three Directors to the Board and Founder Members ACEVO, IDEELL ARENA and CJDES nominate one Director each. The Board may appoint additional directors with specialist expertise. Euclid Network’s governing document is its Articles_of_Association, adopted in a revised version at the AGM 2014.


We are a company limited by guarantee under English law registered with Companies House, which makes public our appointed Directors and annual audited accounts. We also appear on the EU Transparency Register and are accredited with participatory status to the Council of Europe.