SDG Charter Signatory


Training and educating young people for a better life

About us


What you learn in school is forever. Learning to stand up for yourself, to enter into friendships, to take care of your body and to develop your talents. Edukans is committed to realise the best possible education in developing countries. For children. But also for young people who want to learn skills for employment. Because education is the opportunity of a lifetime. Edukans works in developing countries to achieve the best possible education for children and young people. Education in safe schools with good teachers, and vocational training that offers job prospects. We do this because we believe in it – but also because investing in children’s education is incredibly effective. On average, a year of extra education means 10% more income in later life. And that’s over a whole lifetime!

Key priorities

Every day, we work on the basis of four key priorities in order to give the best opportunities to children and youngsters in developing countries: work, gender, emergencies and quality. We work predominantly in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Malawi. We also operate in India, Bangladesh, DRC, South-Sudan, Senegal, Peru, Bolivia.