Building Better

About us

Private Sector

Dutch is a consultancy firm of diverse, passionate people driven to realise positive change in corporate and non-corporate environments, (start-up, ventures, scale-ups and government). With our entrepreneurial spirit we carry out consultancy work in five themes, namely in sustainability, people, innovation, customer experience and technology.

We ensure that within consulting we are committed to building more sustainable businesses within corporate sectors. Our main areas of business are retail, energy, telecom and the construction sector. Together with our clients we create a roadmap focused on creating value for a more sustainable business operation through change and implementation management.

The skills and knowledge we attain from “traditional jobs”, we use to further invest in the new economy. We take an entrepreneurial approach and invest in some of the most innovative start-ups with a sustainable philosophy. We believe this is the new form of creating impact, with the aim to achieve systemic and sustainable change. Companies such as Beebox, Vibers, (a.k.a. NNRGY), and Social BrandHouse, are some examples which illustrate our venturing spirit within new sustainable business models.

We have one guiding principle which is “building better”, while staying accountable to the triple bottom line; people, planet, profit.