Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition

Promoting sustainable growth business strategies in The Netherlands and abroad

About us

Partnership or Coalition

The DSGC is a CEO-led coalition of 8 Dutch multinational corporations who aim to drive sustainable growth business models that combine economic profitability with environmental and social progress and in that way contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). DSGC members are convinced that significant innovations in fields such as energy supply, sustainable resource use, and food systems will offer the Netherlands a new outlook for the future – one of sustainable prosperity and opportunities for all. To accelerate this transition in the Netherlands and abroad, the coalition wants to lead the way and pursues a strategy of Scale - Share - Shape:



Coalition members connect economic profitability with environmental and social progress on the basis of integrated sustainable growth business models. They continuously enforce sustainability within their own business models and value chains and seek opportunities to scale up innovations in their sectors and in cross-sector partnerships, e.g. in the area of renewable energy and circular economy.



DSGC shares its knowledge, good practices and lessons learned to in this way encourage sustainable leadership. Through online communications, publications and co-organizing multi-stakeholder convenings, the coalition wants to stimulate dialogue on the transition to a sustainable, circular economy among the broader business community young professionals and other national and international stakeholders.



DSGC aspires to be a coalition of thought leaders, providing valuable recommendations to government and policymakers so as to inspire national and international leaders to ‘move the boundaries’ and create the right policy framework conditions for sustainable and inclusive growth in the Netherlands.