KLM - Flying from LA on Biofuel

Developing the market for biofuel

About the initiative


For all its flights originating in Los Angeles, KLM will be using sustainable biofuel for the next three years. The biofuel is being produced by AltAir, a local biofuel refinery, and delivered by SkyNRG.

Los Angeles is the second airport in the world to include biofuel in its regular fuelling processes. Early in 2016, Gardermoen in Oslo was the first, and KLM purchased biofuel there for a series of 80 flights.

What does the biofuel fuelling process look like in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, the biofuel is delivered directly to storage tanks at the airport, which also holds the airport’s conventional kerosene supply. Through this mixing process, all aircraft in Los Angeles get a percentage of biofuel in their tanks. This helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions for all flights taking off from Los Angeles.

Reduced CO2 emissions

At this time, the use of sustainable biofuel is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in civil aviation. KLM purchases this sustainable biofuel together with its partners in the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme. The reduction of CO2 emissions can therefore be ascribed to all KLM flights departing from Los Angeles. Flying on biofuel will contribute to KLM’s aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% per passenger in 2020 compared to 2011.

Unique cooperation

Thanks to the companies participating in the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme, it is possible to stimulate the constant production of biofuel. Through this programme, a variety of companies contribute to stimulate the use of sustainable biofuel. And, with their help, it is possible to bridge the price difference between biofuel and traditional jet fuel. KLM uses the financial assistance solely to purchase sustainable biofuel, which is twice as expensive as traditional jet fuel. The partners in the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme are ABN AMRO, Accenture, CBRE Global Investors, FMO, FrieslandCampina, the City of Amsterdam, Heineken, Loyens & Loeff, PGGM, Perfetti Van Melle, and Schiphol Group.

KLM and sustainable biofuel

As a pioneer in the use of sustainable biofuel, KLM may rightly refer to itself as “Best In Class” in fuel efficiency. In 2011, KLM was the world’s first airline to operate a commercial flight using biofuel. Since that first flight to Paris, it has used biofuel on a variety of flights and a variety of aircraft types.

Supplier and producer of biofuel

AltAir is the producer and SkyNRG is the supplier of this sustainable biofuel from Los Angeles, which has been processed from used cooking oil. As the world’s first and only refinery to deliver a continuously produced supply of biofuel for aviation, AltAir is the first refinery capable of supplying sustainable biofuel for aviation on a commercial basis.