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Closing the Loop

We make phone usage more sustainable

About us

Social Enterprise

Closing the Loop (CTL) creates more sustainable telecom use with and for corporates, governments and the telecom industry. CTL collects and responsibly recycles end-of-life mobile phones from emerging markets, which has resulted in over 1.3 million scrap phones being saved from the dump since 2014. Through its innovative approach, CTL creates local economies of responsible waste collection, in the more than ten countries where it is active. The collection scheme reduces the environmental impact of electronic waste and prevents health issues that come from burning electronics to retrieve materials. In addition, it pushes clean, urban-mined materials into the commodity market, ultimately reducing the demand for virgin materials.

CTL also offers unique services for 'circular phones'. One is based on material offsetting (for ‘material neutral’ new phones), the other makes reuse programs waste free.


All elements of the model have been fully tested and were received by relevant customers in a very positive way. CTL’s approach is a result of over 7 years experience in these fields. Combined, this has lead to CTL’s position in as a key telecom expert for sustainable innovation and marketing.

CTL is increasingly contributing to solving the mobile industry’s biggest challenges; creation of waste, material scarcity. With that, it is more and more being considered the supplier – or partner - of choice for any company wanting to reduce the negative impact of mobile phones. These companies already include users of phones, producers of phones and sellers of phones (such as operators).