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Innovation for sustainable and equitable development

At CDI we focus on the global challenges of secure & healthy food, sustainable markets, adaptive agriculture, ecosystem governance and conflict, disaster & reconstruction. We link cutting-edge processes of innovation and learning with Wageningen UR's world-leading scientific and technical expertise.

Our work fosters collaboration between citizens, governments, businesses, NGOs and the scientific community. Our worldwide network of partners and clients links with us to help facilitate innovation, create capacities for change and broker knowledge.

A crossroads - people, planet, profit

The coming decades will be a crossroads in human development. We have only one earth and our demands on the environment are simply too high. At the same time billions of our fellow humans have a right to escape poverty and improve their well-being. New ways are needed to manage climate change, ensure enough healthy food for all, tackle poverty and preserve vital ecosystems. This will demand dramatic changes in how the global agri-food system works and in how land, water, forestry and fishery resources are used. We will need to rethink the ways we consume and produce, and reshape markets to create the right incentives for sustainable and equitable development.

CDI is committed to working with organisations and individuals who seek inspiration and opportunity on the road of innovation and change. By linking research and practice, we help to create new models of business, new forms of governance and policy, and new partnerships for change that balance the needs of people, planet and profit.

Beyond simple solutions - coping with a complex world

We understand that our partners and clients have to cope with an increasingly complex and unpredictable world. We support them to develop the capacities, leadership qualities and learning processes needed to be creative, adaptive and responsive in such a rapidly changing world. We specialise in processes that link technological opportunities with social, economic and political understanding to create holistic ways of tackling complex problems.