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Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) enables people to have debates on social issues on the basis of reliable statistical information.

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The mission of CBS is to publish reliable and coherent statistical information which responds to the needs of Dutch society. The responsibility of CBS is twofold: firstly, to compile (official) national statistics and secondly to compile European (community) statistics.

Scope of activities

The information published by CBS deals with subjects directly affecting the lives of Dutch citizens. These include economic growth, consumer prices, crime but also leisure.

Autonomous administrative body

As of 3 January 2004, CBS has the status of an autonomous administrative body (in Dutch: ZBO). This means that CBS performs public service tasks, but operates independently and not under the direct authority of a Dutch ministry. The Minister of Economic Affairs is politically responsible for relevant legislation, budget and conditions. CBS is financed from the state budget.