SDG Charter Signatory

Better Future

We bring the private sector together with social partners to create impact

About us

Social Enterprise

What we do

We help our clients with their strategy and leadership development. At the same time we include social partners, like NGOs, social enterprises, Bcorps etc. in this journey with our clients we bring together our client (in inspiration sessions our leadership journeys) and let them learn from each other. Our clients learn in ways beyond imagination and our social partners gain access to consultancy they wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

In regards to the SDGs, we help our clients understand their own needs for the future in regards to the needs of the world (the SDGs). We take leaders and CEOs on inspiration journeys in the Netherlands & Immersive journeys abroad. 

In our project 'The Challengers' launched in 2016 we work closely together with Oxfam Novib.


SDG 17

SDG 17 lies at the core of our business, through our partners (NGOs, Social enterprises, Bcorps, and private sector clients) we create impact in the world. The main SDGs we impact are SDG 1 (together with Oxfam Novib), SDG 2 and 4 with our project Buzz in India, Georgie, Gambia, SDG 3 with AMREF in At the continent Africa, SDG 5 with our Women United programs in India and New York.


Business as usual vs. purpose driven

We challenge our clients business as usual and guide them towards being a purpose driven organisation in which leadership and professionals are intrinsically motivated, and up for the task to bring the organisation to be future proof.   


Examples of tools 

Among others we use tools such as the Magic carpet to challenge organisations on strategic level, and a scan tool that enables team to have open discussions about their impact on the different SDGs

Magic Carpet   Scan workshop