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What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals offer a joint agenda for the world, to secure a sustainable future for all. They provide a shared ‘to do’ list of 17 interlinked goals, to be achieved by 2030. They were agreed upon by 193 countries, at the United Nations General Assemby, in September 2015.

The goals cover issues that affect us all and their achievement requires action from actors across different sectors at all levels. The SDGs offer great challenges, but also great opportunities. It is essential that a critical mass of organizations and individuals know about these goals and are involved in joint action to work towards them.

Would you like to learn more about the 17 goals and it’s 169 targets? Check out the official website of the UN, here!

What is the SDG Gateway?

The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda has gained great traction in The Netherlands; on top of the wide range of initiatives already contributing to a sustainable future, over 210 businesses, NGOs, knowledge institutes, (local)governments, foundations and financial institutions have signed the SDG Charter. As was flagged by many Charter members, there was no place for people, initiatives, and organizations to connect and to learn more about each other’s work – therefore, we started the SDG Gateway.

The SDG Gateway brings together the work of local initiatives, organizations and networks in a single community portal, with the objective of maximizing our national contributions to the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. The SDG Gateway is for organizations, communities, and passionate individuals working with the SDGs. Using the SDG Gateway, you can:

  • Start to Profile your initiatives, events, and reports to share with our fast-growing community and check out the work of fellow changemakers in your area(s).

  • Connect with the funders, networks, and media that are right for you. For example, let others know the support you need to succeed by adding a compelling ‘call to action’ to your profile or initiative.

  • Be Part of our rapidly expanding network of SDG collaborators!

The SDG Gateway functions as a tool that actively supports the offline activities of the SDG Charter. It is a place where notes of meetings, reports, roadmaps and other knowledge sources can be uploaded, thus providing insight into the actions of the community. In addition, the ability to enrol for events, comment on each other’s work and respond towards calls to action creates and active and vibrant community – both online and offline.

Who is involved?

The SDG Gateway is commissioned by the SDG Charter, a coalition of 210+ signatories, and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

SDG Nederland is another initiative by the SDG Charter, and is another Dutch leading platform about the Sustainable Development Goals. On this website you can find background information, news, partnerships, campaigns and events regarding the SDGs in the Netherlands and abroad. The aim of the platform is to inform Dutch citizens about the SDGs and inspire them to take action.

The SDG Gateway is initiated by SDG Charter in cooperation with C-Change and built on Open Social. 


For questions, feedback or any other issues with the website; please contact the community managers (Anne and Rosalie). You can get in touch via the address info@sdgcharter.nl