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Sarona Asset Management

Growth that Matters

About us

Private Sector
Kitchener, Ontario

Sarona Asset Management is a management-owned private investment firm.  The current four partners, Gerhard Pries, Vivina Berla, Serge LeVert-Chiasson and Menno Derks bring a long private equity experience and a deep affinity for Emerging markets.  Their complementary skills and past experiences have accelerated Sarona’s ability to grow and invest successfully. 

Our current strategy evolved over a 20-year period from the desire to engage in the scalable and sustainable investment of private capital to foster broad economic development of mid-market, expansion-stage companies while creating positive outcomes for the communities and the environment across growing economies in Africa, Asia, Emerging Europe and Latin America.

Three pillars define what we do

1.      Private investments in Frontier and Emerging Markets - because the balance of global growth is shifting, creating new opportunities

2.      Seeking strong financial returns - because capital should be rewarded

3.      Ethical, social and environmental values - because responsible business can create long-term value for stakeholders, especially investors

Catalyst for change

Sarona recognises its responsibility to act as a catalyst for change within developing markets by acting as a bridge between private capital and entrepreneurs and by encouraging fund managers and investee companies to improve their ESG performance.

Since 2010, Sarona has deployed nearly $200mm of capital to locally-based private equity funds, private debt funds and direct investments alongside national and international investors.  The selected local managers demonstrated their ability to add real strategic and operational value to the companies they invest in.  

With the right partners and strategy, growing successful and profitable companies can have a significant developmental impact.  This is what drives us: building a diversified portfolio of funds and companies to deliver Growth that Matters.

Leading player in the Blended Finance space

Sarona is playing a leading role by developing investment vehicles blending public money with private investments and changing the risk return profile for different groups of investors.  In 2015, Sarona was showcased for its successful Blended Finance approach at the United Nation’s conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa, where countries reached a historic agreement to finance a new sustainable development agenda.  During the event, the Canadian government and the World Economic Forum recognised Sarona’s thought leadership as they launched Convergence, a platform that allows private and public funders to blend their capital, creating more financially attractive, high-quality investment opportunities.  The ultimate goal is to catalyse private capital into investments where investors would not otherwise go.