SDG Charter Signatory

PharmAccess Group

Increasing access to better healthcare for people in Africa.

About us


Through an integrated approach, we leverage donor contributions to increase trust in the health system, reduce risk and transaction costs, and pave the way for private investments in quality and accessibility of care.

This approach has attracted international attention, including a G20 prize for our innovative financing model presented by U.S. President Obama in 2010 and the OPIC Impact Award for Access to Capital in 2014. Our interventions include introducing mHealth applications, improving quality of care, quality standards, providing access to loans for healthcare providers , facilitating access to health insurance and other health financing options, and conducting health analytics for evidence-based innovation.

PharmAccess was one of the first non-profit organizations to act on the enormous untapped potential of the private sector and recognize the need for capital investments in healthcare delivery. We advocated for a new paradigm for health in a prizewinning IFC/Financial Times essay in 2007, when this idea was still met with widespread resistance. Since then, the complementary role of the private sector in delivering an essential social service like healthcare is becoming increasingly accepted.