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Lin on a Mission

Increasing social impact

About us


Lin on a Mission increases social impact of purpose people who work on missions for the SDGs. By connecting them pro bono to professionals and partners with relevant expertise and knowledge, they are enabled to move forward with their mission work for all of the SDGs.

Lin on a Mission initiates new activities and runs pilots with purpose people and professionals from the network:

> The mission start up tool 'Borrel Die De Wereld Zal Veranderen' (changing the world over a networking drink) is a pop up event where professionals donate their expertise in a brain storm over a drink and help starting up a new mission for a better world.

> Lin on a mission initiates the pilot in social responsibility matching with the association of communications professionals Logeion, and Impact Matters.

> With the Linkedin-interview series 'Mensen met mooie missies' (Purpose people) Lin on a Mission actively promotes the mission work of purpose people in the Netherlands and abroad.

> The pilot magazine will bring inspiration to citizens and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.

If you want to join the initiatives of Lin on a Mission, please connect at Linkedin: